Time to thrive

As we all pull ourselves towards the end of another long, exhausting year I’ve been thinking about our team. The market strength throughout COVID surprised everyone and over the last two years, our team have worked tirelessly to overcome every obstacle to deliver on those opportunities. They have survived; indeed, they have thrived.

Ours is a high energy, high demand profession. It’s big money, big responsibilities, high stakes, and high stress. I think the combination of adrenaline, mental agility and endurance required to operate successfully in residential real estate rivals that of a professional athlete, although that’s obviously an assumption given I’m not a professional athlete!

You could assume it is a profession that relies on the wisdom and experience that comes with age given the delicacies that come with negotiating high-pressure deals. Equally, you could easily assume it is a profession that relies on the boundless energy and determination that drives those new to the working world. The young and fearless.

In fact, in my experience, the best success is achieved when you find the perfect combination of both.

The Morton Real Estate Sales Team was recognised as the 2021 National Residential Sales Team of the Year. I think that is proof we have achieved just the right mix of wisdom, experience, youth, and energy. We have agents at the top of their game who have been with Morton for over a decade working with others who are only just embarking on their professional real estate journey. 

Don’t get me wrong, every Morton agent is fuelled by an individual passion to succeed and an understanding that success will be achieved by providing outstanding customer service to their clients. There is also a very healthy professional rivalry that exists between each of our offices.

But they’re fundamentally a single team, meeting every single week to share ideas, brainstorm opportunities, support each other through challenges and work through strategies that will deliver for their clients.

And those weekly sales meetings are awesome. The exchange of ideas. The sharing of experiences. Learning from each other. Challenging each other. As a team, they acknowledge professional growth and celebrate professional success.

It’s an environment that enables and motivates every member of the team to thrive and having achieved so much despite the challenges of the last couple of years I am excited at the prospect of what they will deliver next year.