Valuable Information

If we needed proof of the value of information, then the events of the last week have certainly provided a perfect example. The Optus hack has reminded everyone about the importance of data security, but equally, it has demonstrated the value that comes from (legally and appropriately!) gathering information and growing your knowledge base.

At Morton, we are incredibly conscious of data security. We have training, processes, and procedures in place to ensure our team understand, and are bound by, carefully considered rules around how information is gathered, stored, and used.

We consider our client database to be invaluable and protect the integrity of our data as priceless.

That’s because at Morton we believe our trusted relationships with our clients are priceless. Our teams of agents and property managers actively build relationships with clients as the foundation on which we can provide a service and outcomes that meet the unique demands, circumstances, and desires, of each individual client.

Our aim is always to gather the right information so we can match the right property to the right client. So we can find the right opportunity, so we can deliver the right level of communication with the right depth of detail at the right time to suit.

At the same time, having specialised in residential real estate in specific precincts for many years, our team have also gathered an extraordinary level of detail about homes, apartments, buildings, and services within those areas. They know the history of homes, the story of redevelopments and refurbishments, strata rules and committees. 

That detailed understanding can provide another layer of insight, transparency and confidence for clients looking to purchase or lease a property. 

At Morton, we carefully gather the information that is relevant, useful, and appropriate on behalf of our clients whilst at the same time protecting the privacy and integrity of personal information.

Knowledge is both powerful and valuable. Transparency is vital but privacy and security are also critical.