We Know…

Righto. As we’re all faced with an incredible amount of uncertainty about what the coming days, weeks and months might hold I thought it worthwhile to share with you the messages I passed on to everyone in the Morton team earlier this week. This is what we know…

We know we’re calmer. Compared to last year it seems the response to the latest lockdown has been much more measured. It certainly isn’t easy, but this time around it feels like we are all much more prepared to take it in our stride. 

It’s no longer ‘unprecedented’ to face an economic lockdown so it hasn’t automatically prompted the same level of panicked decision making we saw last year. We might not know when it will end but we have come to realise the world won’t end as a result of a lockdown.

Don’t get me wrong, our team are taking calls from tenants, landlords and property owners who are being dramatically impacted by the lockdown. We are working with clients facing financial challenges and uncertainty to help identify ways to provide the support but thankfully the level of anxiety and distress is not as widespread.

We know what to do. 

As tough as the last few weeks have been at Morton, we have been able to seamlessly switch to working remotely and we have the systems in place to ensure we can do that without impacting the level of service we provide. 

We know how we can help our clients. We know to listen. We know to navigate every possibility and opportunity to find ways to help ease that stress and dilute the uncertainties wherever we can.

We have also come to know through the adversity of lockdown how much we value and rely on our colleagues at Morton.

Teamwork has always been a strong focus across our business. I think it’s a foundation of our business success, so whilst working from home has some advantages (working in the comfort of tracksuit pants!) it has also again highlighted how our people really miss working together and the positivity, support and encouragement that exists within each of our offices. We’ve had to learn how to support each other while we work in isolation so we can continue to foster that positivity, camaraderie and motivation to find the right outcomes for our clients.

Most of all we know that we can, and we will, get through this.