We’ve got this…

I spoke to our team this week about the importance of finding and articulating positivity despite the challenges we’re all facing. It is therefore incredibly encouraging to recognise a common theme in what I’m seeing around me and what I’m seeing in the market.  And that is resilience.  It makes me feel positive that we’ve got this.

It’s perhaps a little risky to announce ‘we’ve got this’. No, I’m not talking about COVID infection, rather I’m talking about the positivity and can-do attitude that I am increasingly seeing around me. It is so encouraging.

And whilst I recognise that it might be at risk of being overused given current circumstances I do think ‘resilience’ is the word of our times.

We need to be resilient in our personal lives as we adapt to living, working, and home-schooling within the confines of our home during lockdown. Our kids, whether in kindergarten or those in Year 12, are showing amazing resilience isolated from friends and missing so many key lifetime milestones.

Businesses across all sectors are demonstrating amazing resilience adapting to all the challenges of operating during lockdowns and the risk of further restrictions ever-looming.

I’m very proud that the Morton team is demonstrating extraordinary resilience.  They’re finding new ways to do their work, connect with clients and support their colleagues in the context of their work but also more broadly.  The 28 staff who are currently studying and working have set up a study group. Those managing home-schooling have a group in which they share ideas, experiences, and horror stories! We even have a group for those in the team hoping to shed, or perhaps avoid, the risk of iso-kilos.  It’s about making the best of it.

And in terms of the property market, wow. If ever there was a demonstration of the resilience of Sydney residential property market the last few months are it.  Our team held three online auctions last weekend and the results secured under the hammer were phenomenal.

In my opinion, recognising resilience is an acknowledgment that we are doing more than just managing.  We are doing more than simply ‘holding on’.  We are getting on.  Knowing that our business, our people, and the market have that resilience provides a level of security that we’ve got this.  I have no doubt the coming months will continue to be challenging, but we’ve got this.