What I know…

If ever we needed evidence of the danger of trying to predict the future, I think 2020 was it.  What a year. It is with that realisation in mind that I’m NOT going to use this, my first blog of 2021, to provide you with any level of prediction on what the next twelve months might deliver. Instead, I’ll focus on only what I know.

I admit I did naively hope at the start of 2021 a miraculous switch would flick so we could leave the practical realities and risks of COVID behind.  Of course, we’ve quickly come to realise this new way of getting on with life is going to be here with us for a while yet.

And with that knowledge as a foundation this is what I know will be my focus for the year ahead.

I know I can adjust to unexpected and new challenges. I know our business has the capacity to adapt and the team to stay focussed even in the most challenging of circumstances.  I know that because we proved it over and over again in 2020.

I know last year was stressful and exhausting but I also know I feel incredibly empowered by the resilience we showed at Morton.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish to repeat the year just gone but our strength and endurance has left me feeling massively motivated at the potential of what we can achieve in the year ahead.

I know the year ahead will be challenging but I know our focus will remain unchanged.  At Morton we set ourselves a goal to reach beyond the ordinary.  Our goal is to deliver exceptional service and results to our clients and our aim is to keep raising the bar ever higher.  That’s never easy.

We are privileged to have some of the best, most experienced agents, and property managers in the industry, but I know the focus of every single member of our team is focussed on improving their skills with continuous professional development.  We learn from each other, we learn from our successes, our challenges, our mistakes, and our opportunities.

I know we will support our clients to navigate market fluctuations as well as manage expectations fuelled by ever-changing, oftentimes inexplicable, levels of confidence and stability.

But that’s what we do. And it is what we do really, really well. I know that. So, bring it on.