What, why, how?

It feels like we’re all meant to be ‘back to normal’. Yes, it’s the ‘new’ normal, but now we can watch and play sport, have lunch at a café and go shopping we’re also expected to be getting on with business as usual. That’s fabulous but it’s clear that many of our clients are wondering exactly what, why and how to get on with it when there are still so many unknown factors to consider?

Yes, we are getting on with it but I absolutely agree that it is still very tricky to know exactly what is allowed and what isn’t, what we should be doing and what we shouldn’t.  And that uncertainty is playing out across residential property. Do I stay or do I go?  It’s a common question asked of our team of sales agents. What is the best way to proceed? How do I get the best deal? 

Of course, there is never a single right answer and now, perhaps more than ever before, the diversity in the market makes those questions feel even more intense and important.  Every vendor needs to consider their own financial considerations, perhaps now more so than ever before those questions of what, why and how are important.

Considering that market uncertainty it therefore might be surprising to learn that the answers to those questions are no different now than they were pre-pandemic.

Why?  Buyers are still active across the market. Deals can, and are, being negotiated. The market has eased but it isn’t dead and Morton team has the experience and the contacts to secure their clients the best possible deal. For some now is the right time to get a deal done rather than nervously wait to see how the rest of the year unfolds.

How? Our team continue to recommend auction campaigns for most listings to attract attention, create momentum and distil quality interest that is essential to identifying and securing value. It’s a process that works irrespective of variations in market sentiment. 

What to do?  This is the one our team cannot answer on behalf of their clients.  The role of a sales agent is to present a property and facilitate the best possible offer.  Whether that value generated by the market is going to be what a vendor is prepared to accept is always for the vendor to determine.