What will I get?

Last week I participated in a real estate podcast. It wasn’t about ‘the market’ it was more about the business of being in real estate but inevitably we talked about the challenge of trust. We discussed the delicate position agents must navigate when responding to the inevitable question from vendors…what will I get?There are a couple of different ways to phrase that question. What WILL I get? What CAN I get? The trick for every real estate agent is how to answer.When a client asks that question it has always been incredibly important to me, and to all in my team, to answer honestly. Trust is important and truth is the foundation on which trust is built.But to be honest, often when clients ask the question, they don’t really want the truth. Even the most pragmatic of potential vendors is looking to be sold the dream. With all the information on values now available online, most vendors do come to list with an understanding of like-minded property value in their area, but even with that information they still come to us with the hope their property will be worth more.I get it. That’s being human.So how are agents meant to manage that? The business risk we face is a potential vendor lists with another agent who has chosen to match the hope with a promise, regardless of the reality. The professional risk is the erosion of trust if the promise can’t be met.At Morton, we always go with the truth. We give clients the information they need to make an informed decision. We clearly outline what we will do and explain how our processes and teamwork will ensure we can deliver. Transparency builds trust and empowers our clients to make the right decision.Because regardless of what many might think rarely, if ever, does a property ‘sell itself’.To maximise the value of every property requires effort, energy, experience, empathy, endless communication, and dogged determination. At Morton, our clients also get the benefit of amazing teamwork.So, when our clients ask, ‘what will I get’ the Morton response is ‘we will get you the most’. We work to identify every possible buyer, to generate the highest level of interest, to encourage the strongest offers and then to negotiate the very best deal. Whatever the market conditions we will get you the most.