What would you know…

There is a question that every single real estate agent fields every single day of their life, both in and out of the work environment. The question of value.  Everyone is interested in the value of their property, their neighbour’s property, the property they want to buy or simply property in general.  I get it. I’m interested in value too, but in an interview last week I discussed value of a different kind. I was asked about the value of an agent in a world where information is so accessible.

Technology has changed the way the world works, and the world of residential real estate has certainly not been immune to those changes.  As a business Morton has always been eager to adopt new technology that will enhance our ability to offer quality service and deliver results for our clients.  But to be honest I don’t think technology has dramatically impacted the role of a real estate agent.  The value provided by an experienced, professional agent remains as high, if not higher, than ever before.

Yes, our clients have access to vast amounts of information.  You can find sales history, suburb statistics, percentage growth analysis and most anything else you want to study to help decide on property value before buying or selling.  That’s great and I encourage all our clients to take some time to do their own research.

It’s important and incredibly valuable to come to a property transaction informed.  But that is where the process to success starts, not ends.  A real estate agent adds very crucial ingredients to the mix.

Experience.  It is hard to value but integral to success.  For most clients, the sale or purchase of a property is a significant life event accompanied by a raft of emotions and personal stress.  An experienced real estate agent will help clients navigate the sale processes ensuring parties remain focussed on the facts and focussed on achieving their property goal. 

Indeed, clients may know the facts, but a good real estate agent knows how to interpret and activate those facts, how to set the right expectation and how to achieve the right result.

With experience also comes context.  Real estate agents will give clients a clear understanding of how the numbers they have researched actually translate in real-world scenarios.  Agents study the market, they’re talking to people, negotiating with buyers and listening to vendors every single day.  Agents will provide context that is not always easily identified, like the nuance that demand might be strong, but parties remain highly price-sensitive so a price set too high will extinguish any flame of interest. Agents have the knowledge, experience, and insights to be able to identify a solution to any potential stumbling block to a transaction. They act as both a sounding board and a voice of reason. They will help cut through both the emotions and endless amount of research and paperwork to help their clients make clear, informed decisions.