Work it

I read an infuriating comment in an article the other day that said waning demand across the residential property market would mean real estate agents were ‘going to have to work harder’. What rot. In my view regardless of the market if you have an agent you believe could ‘work harder’ then you’ve got the wrong agent.Contrary to what some might believe I completely disagree with the notion that a property can ‘sell itself’. Of course, given I’m a real estate agent that position probably doesn’t surprise you, but as a real estate agent, I know it to be true.Yes, a property might sell, but the big question is without a real estate agent, can you really be confident it will sell for the best possible price? That’s what you get from a good real estate agent…. confidence in the result. And that confidence is delivered regardless of market conditions.When demand is strong, and listings limited there will be intense competition amongst interested property purchasers. Agents will be inundated with buyer enquiries and offers but even in those hottest of hot markets no good agent will simply sit at their desk waiting for the phone to ring.A good agent will work it. They’ll work it hard to ensure when the final deal is done it is the absolute best available.They’ll contact every person on their database for whom they think a new listing might be suitable. They’ll spend a good time talking to every party that expresses interest in each property to ensure those people see and understand the true value of the property. They’ll take the time to identify potential solutions to any speed humps a potential buyer might identify on the road to paying a premium.They’ll work it.And the absolute truth is that very same approach, work ethic and determination are applied regardless of the market dynamic. Strong, weak, rising or falling our team of sales agents have the same goal for every property they list: To secure the very best deal. If the phone isn’t ringing off the hook with enquiries, then our agents get on the phone and get talking, push their marketing campaigns and work to start those conversations. If the phone is ringing off the hook our agents will still find the time to make more phone calls to ignite additional interest.The aim is to deliver clients the best options and best value for their property so in making a decision as to whether to go forward with a sale they can be confident they achieved the very best the market could deliver.